Day Trips from Jerusalem and Off the Beaten Track Walking Tours

Mud at Ein Gedi

Tour and explore sites around Israel with inspirational day trips to a variety of destinations. Appreciate Israel’s natural beauty while hiking in the desert, visit archaeological, historical sites and feel part of the process linking past to present; observe the fascinating mix of Israeli society in tours “off the beaten track.”


HikeContact us for personalized tailor-made itineraries to suit your interests and requirements.

Explore Masada, hike in the desert oasis of Ein Gedi and float in the Dead Sea

Hike in Israel’s national parks enjoying breathtaking views of nature

Climb Herod’s secret fortress at Herodion and see an amazing network of underground tunnels from the time of both the Zealots and Bar Kochba

Visit the modern city of Tel Aviv, the ancient port of Jaffa and find out about the Zionist history of Neve Zedek

Enjoy the scenery and archaeology at Caesarea and learn about the Nili spies at Zichron Yaacov

Crawl through caves at Beit Guvrin

Tel Aviv – “the city that never sleeps

Walk through vibrant, colorful neighborhoods to understand the dreams of the pioneers who built Neve Zedek outside the walls of the ancient port of Jaffa. Walk in the footsteps of the founders of the modern State of Israel on the Independence trail and discover  why and where the Declaration of Independence was hurriedly signed.

Ammunition HillOff the Beaten Track Walking Tours

Tell us about your interests and we can make a theme- based tour for you and your family/group/business associates:

Literary tours

  • From Foe to Friend; in the footsteps of S.Y. Agnon, Noble Prize Laureate for literature
  • Literary treasure trail activity available for families
  • In the footsteps of “Tehila”

Neighborhood tours

Unravel the personal stories behind Nahlaot, Musrara, Emek Refaim, Katamon, the American Colony, Abu Tor and the Street of the Prophets, observe the multicultural mix of Jerusalem today

herodion 4Political tours

  • Jerusalem Seam Line, Security Fence, War of Independence, the Six Day War
  • Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock: understand the religious beliefs and political controversy surrounding this holy mountain

Theme -focused tours for all ages

  • TyulPioneers beyond the walls
  • Redeemers and Dreamers in 19th Century Jerusalem: Kaiser Wilhelm, Theodor Herzl and the Lutheran church of the Redeemer
  • Specialty tours focusing on Christianity in Jerusalem: Bookends of the Gospel Tour





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