Touring for Children

Tour and Explore Jerusalem offers specialty programs and tours ideal for children and families.

Ammuniton Hill -green lineHistorical information is presented in a compelling, interactive manner, adapted for children of different ages. Licensed Tour Guide Nikky Strassman has extensive experience as a creative, informal educator, which complements her tour guide abilities.

  • Interactive family tours especially designed to engage and captivate your children’s interests
  • Tours with creative role playing, hiking, interactive activities
  • Exploring Jerusalem sites, discovering historical dilemmas and biblical characters
  • Biblical drama at Ein GediRevealing historical dramas, cultural tensions and religious life in Israel
  • Half-day to three-day itineraries paced for families and children with a balance of touring and activities
  • An unforgettable, fun day of sightseeing, learning and activities customized for you and your children

Touring options include:

  • Eitan climbingExplore underground tunnels to decipher the biblical mystery of King David’s conquest of Jerusalem and wade through water in Hezekiah’s 2700 year old tunnel
  • Climb the ramparts of Jerusalem’s walls and explore Zedekiah’s cave
  • Discover treasure from ancient Jerusalem while sifting through rubble from the Temple Mount
  • Explore the artificial mountain which King Herod built as his summer palace and tomb
  • Climb through underground tunnels built by Bar Kochba and his soldiers in his attempt to return Jewish life to Jerusalem
  • Climb Masada and meet the Romans, have an adventure hike in the Judean desert and imagine you are the biblical David running away from King Saul

Contact us to discuss a creative tour geared to your children’s ages

nikky guiding pictures 002Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Teen and Group Interactive Programs

Tour and Explore Jerusalem also offers creative, educational teen and group programs such as mock trials with interactive tours of historical sites and related group activities focusing on specific themes such as:

  • Jewish identity
  • Religious pluralism
  • jerusalem-16_015-copyMinority versus majority rights
  • Israeli law and Jewish law
  • Biblical dilemmas connected to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion

Popular interactive tour locations include the Supreme Court, the City of David, the Southern Wall Excavations, and the Knesset Menorah – a symbol connected to the past and an inspiration for the future.

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