Our Tour Programs

MenorahTour and Explore Jerusalem looks at sites through the lens of Jewish history, archaeology and contemporary  issues, providing insights into Israeli society, culture and identity.

We offer private tours for individuals, families and groups in the greater Jerusalem area and day trips around Israel.

saoon tiram 001Tailor-Made Private Tours

Half-day to several days of personalized guiding in and around Jerusalem- the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian quarters of the Old City, the Supreme Court building and its landmark legal cases, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Israel Museum, Masada and the Dead Sea.

jerusalem-16_018-copyTouring Activities for Children

Creative and entertaining private tours geared to children and families. Role-playing, costumed drama, experiential learning and engaging interactivity make Jerusalem sites come alive for children and accompanying adults. Special programs available for Bar/Bat Mitzvah  families.

courtroomTours of the Supreme Court and Contemporary Issues in Israeli Society

Understand Israel’s unique legal system and gain insights into modern day dilemmas facing Israeli society, while exploring the impressive architecture of Israel’s Supreme Court building. Debate landmark High Court of Justice decisions dealing with the war against terror, security and human rights, democracy and religious pluralism.

james-and-EliadDay Trips and Hikes

Climb Masada, hike in the desert oasis of Ein Gedi and float in the Dead Sea; Discover Herodion: Herod’s tomb and palace while exploring underground tunnels from the time of the Zealots and from Bar Kochba.


jerusalem-16_004-copyOff the Beaten Track Walking Tours in Jerusalem

  • Literary tours: in the footsteps of Agnon and other Jerusalem personalities
  • Neighborhood tours: understand the history, culture and ethnic balance of Jerusalem society
  • Political tours: visit the Jerusalem seam line and security fence
  • Theme-focused tours for all ages

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